don’t be a tard. get it on with a carb ;)

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of carbohydrates after a workout.

please remember to consume carbohydrates within an hour of your workout. when we eat food, particularly carbohydrates (which is our prime form of fuel), our body breaks it down in to glucose and stores it in our body as glycogen. during vigorous exercise our body uses this stored glucose (glycogen); so once we are done exercising we want to refill the depleted glycogen ASAP! if you do not then you will be sore the next day (which is unnecessary; and if your workout was already freaking intense, you would have probably torn your muscle fibers which will already put you in pain. so why make it worse for yourself?!), not only will you be sore the next day but the next time you go in for a workout, you won’t perform as well. also, if you do not refuel yourself with carbohydrates, your body will start stealing from your muscles, the same muscles you spent an hour in the weight room ripping up. why make life so difficult for yourself? CARBOHYDRATES ARE A CRUCIAL NUTRIENT TO CONSUME AFTER A WORKOUT. yes yes, protein is important too but let me tell you carbs will do more good for you than protein after a workout because your body does not use protein as fuel, other than when you are exercising or during emergencies (i.e. starvation).
hmm what else did i want to say……………………………..dum de dummm deee dummm……ummm….hmm…OH YAH! so you know there are two types of carbohydrates right? simple carbs and complex carbs. simple carbs are the quick digesting ones, they are the simplest form of sugar – they are monosaccharides. mono meaning one, thus being glucose (glucose being the simplest form of a carbohydrate…you get it…) or fructose; like fruits and juices and stuff. ah sorry, i am so scatter brained right now, so if this is hard to follow, i apologize. i am not spending too much time on this blog, just a quick scribble for you to read, so pardon my futile attempt at being profound in a rush. it’s a lot of pressure being so brilliant okkkaaay. haha joking joking. okay where was i….yah so, simple carbs are the ones that your body digests super fast, and complex carbs are the ones that your body takes a while digesting because its chains of monosaccharides (aka disaccarides), so obviously it takes longer. SO, after your workout your body is like a sponge and in DIRE need of refilling those depleted glycogen stores, so you want to feed yourself simple carbs. why? because your body will absorb it super fast and BAM BAM BAM your glycogen stores will be restored!

i always pump iron first, interval train/cardio right after, and as soon as i step of the ergometer, i fill my shaker with protein, mix in water and gulp it down. then i rush home to eat a carby meal 🙂

if you are one of those people who are afraid of carbs (as much as i talk about the importance of carbs, i too am secretly scared of them. especially when i go on one of those binges. I’ll usually cut back on carbs for a few days and then go back to a balanced diet), then i urge you to consume the bulk of your carbs after your workout. Try to aim for minimum of 30-60 grams after your workout (depending on your body). Don’t ask me where i got that number from, i literally pulled it out of my a**. well, not exactly, i just pulled that last sentence out of my a**.

If you have read my more recent posts, you have probably read the one about protein threshold; well, your body also has a carbohydrate threshold. It only metabolizes a certain amount of carbs as fuel and the rest is stored away or turned into fat. Any way, this post got a lot longer than i expected….i tend to go on rants.

I don’t think i mentioned this before, but i talk to myself a lot. Maybe not out loud (all the time), but i am constantly conversing with myself in my head. That is kind of why i love to write, because instead of having a conversation in my head I am having it with a computer screen or paper and pen (which, come to think of it, is no better). But hey now that i have a blog i get to converse with myself AND YOU!


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