you are beautiful. you are sublime. always make sure you are you. and always stand for who you are.

Learning to love yourself is an indispensable gateway to success, serenity, and satisfaction. I want to say that it comes with age; but I know so many people, with so many more years on me, who really do not love themselves. In fact, it seems like they despise themselves, or don’t know who they are, or haven’t attempted to get to know themselves. 2011, so far, has been a wonderful year for me. I feel as though there has been tremendous growth in me. I also feel as though I have really learned to appreciate myself for who I am; something I had never even pondered in the past. I remember, a few years ago, I could not leave the house without make up on; or I could not leave the house without having straightened my hair; I always doubted my intelligence and constantly second guessed myself. I was afraid of being wrongbeing rejectedbeing judged. I mean, I am sure this sounds familiar. We all feel this way, especially in our youth, so I guess it’s normal… However, many people get stuck in this insecure web of doubts and fears, and I feel as though I have been able to free myself from this sticky web. I don’t know exactly where this journey of self-awareness began; maybe it began with the pandemoniums of my life 2 years ago, the magnificent encounter with my breath, the discovery of fitness, or the impeccable miracle of education on the brain. I feel more comfortable in my skin than ever before in my life. I have learned to love what I despised and take action of things I had only contemplated. So, today I want to give you my blessing; and hope that if you have not already started to get to know yourself and accept yourself for who you are, then I encourage you to begin today. Start by asking yourself“what do I believe in?” and stay true to your word, or just don’t bother saying that word. Create a philosophy for yourself: beliefs, judgments, opinions, morals, ideas, policies, dogmas, etc, and stay true to them. Yes, they may change over the many years of being, but till that turning point, ALWAYS keep it real.
I wish you the best of luck on your journey through the unknown, to the known. I don’t fear the indefinite mystery of life like I used to; in fact, now it only excites me. I have also learned that when shit gets bad, it WILL get good. It has to. There is no good without badand no bad with good. It’s like two faces of a coin – they’re inseparable.


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