Gym Etiquette

It’s the first week of January and you know what that means! The gym is crowded with weight loss resolvers who will probably definitely end up failing by the end of the month.
I was observing all these new faces at the gym today and noticed a bit of a trend. These people have absolutely NO gym etiquette. Drives me bonkers! I spent 30 extra minutes at the gym because of these rookie gym goers.

If you are new to the gym (or old) please PLEASE PLEASE make sure you follow these simple ground rules to make the gym a happier place:

  • Put your weights back to where they belong – most gyms have the wall or mirrors numbered so you don’t have an excuse. DO IT! No one likes to hunt every corner of the gym to find the other pair (this goes out the ladies section particularly).
  • Do not form a collection of weights in front of you. This called being a weight hog! Most gyms have one or two of each set of weight so DO NOT keep them to yourself. If you are not using them PUT THEM BACK or allow others to use them when you are not.
  • Do not rest on machines when the gym is busy. SHARE!
  • Do not leave your towel and water bottle on ergometers while you disappear elsewhere (when the gym is busy).
  • Do not text or chat on your phone while you are on weight machines. You look like an idiot. Its okay if you are texting while doing cardio but no having conversations on your phone. I do not want to here your nonsense jibber jabber.
  • If your headphones bleed, it’s time to get new ones or turn the volume down.
  • Share! Share! Share! Let others work in with you. Do not hog machines and weights. If you want to use the same machine or set of weights as buddy in the wifebeater, then politely ask if you can work in with him. If he says no, give him a dirty look and walk away – people like that don’t deserve to use the gym. If he’s on his last set, let him finish and then take over. And always remember, if you are working in with someone, remove and replace their weights whenever your done your set – this allows for less time wasted.
  • Put your plates back!!! Its okay if you leave 2 plates on the bench or smith or whatever, but anymore than that is pushing it. I do not want to waste my precious time taking off 5 plates from each end of the smith or leg press.
  •  A lot of people have a problem with others wearing strong perfume or cologne. I partially agree with this, because I would MUCH prefer smelling perfume or cologne over unbearable body odour. So maybe, don’t over do the spray, but also don’t come smelling foul.
  • Another one a lot of people have a problem with is grunting. I do not agree with this one at all. Sometimes you just gotta let out a sound when you are trying hard. If you don’t like that then perhaps the gym isn’t for you.
  • If your sick, STAY HOME! During and after exercise your body’s immunity is low, and the last thing you want to be around is germs, so if your coughing or sniffing, you will get nasty glares from me. Also its damn annoying hearing people constantly coughing and sniffing – blow it or stay home.

 Gym etiquette is so important. Think of it as your own home, or your work place – be mindful of others. If the gym is not busy then you can ignore some of the above rules, but when the gym is busy, respect your fellow fitness folk!

I did upper body today and  it looked something like this:

Pull up on the assisted pull up machine                                  3 X 12
Chest Dips (same machine as above)                                       3 X 12

Back Row on the hammer strength machine                       3 X 12
Incline Press on the smith machine                                         3 X 12

Wide Grip Seated Row                                                                 3 X 12
Dumbbell Front Raise (turning pinkies up at the top)     3 X 12

Side Lateral Raise                                                                           3 X 12
Seated Reverse Flye                                                                       3 X 12

Close Hand Push ups                                                     till exhaustion
Dumbbell Biceps Curl                                                                     3 X 12

I ended my workout with 30 minutes on the Stairmaster (I climbed 140 stairs) at an average of level 12-13, WITHOUT LEANING – I am lean queen! So, it took a whole lot of effort to keep my back straight and not lean for 30 minutes. My ipod died half way through and I started getting really bored so I switched it up, and jumped onto the treadmill for a 1.6k jog, which took me 10 minutes.


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