Banana Apple Shake with a side of an Explosive Leg Workout

I got to bed pretty late last night and knew I wouldn’t be able to start my day as early as I had scheduled. I broke my slumber around 11 am and headed to the gym for a leg workout. I wasn’t really feeling a gruelling 40 minute cardio session today since I am pretty short on time due to a few important things I have to do; so instead I incorporated some plyometrics into my leg workout. I was hoping to do all the workouts as a circuit as many times it would take to hit the 30 minute mark, but a lot of the equipment I wanted to use were at opposite ends of the gym, so I broke it up into super-duper-sets. Basically, instead of resting 30 seconds between my sets, I actively rested by doing explosive plyometric exercises. It went something like this:

Super-duper-set (repeat twice in a row)
Dumbbell Lunges                                          20 reps
Jogging Step Ups                                    60 seconds
Ball Leg Curls                                                   20 reps
Jumping Jacks                                        60 seconds

Super-duper-set (repeat twice in a row)
Side Plank with Leg Abduction                 15 reps
Seal Jumps                                                 60 seconds
Adduction Machine                                         12 reps

Super-duper-set (repeat 3 times in a row)
Incline Leg Press                                          12 reps
Split Squats Jumps       45 seconds on 1 round
Jump Squats                 45 seconds on 2 rounds

Smith Squats                                                        12 X 3
Standing Bodyweight Calf Raise                 20 X 3

After I finished this pseudo-curcuit, I didn’t feel like I got my heart rate as high as I had hoped, so I jumped onto the treadmill and completed 10 minutes of quickie HIIT.
I revved the machine up to 8 mph and did 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off, followed by a 3 minute cool down, which was about 2.5 K.

And I just whipped up an Apple Banana Pie Protein Shake:

1 cup Vanilla Almond Milk
1/2 Frozen Banana
1/2 Apple (with skin)
1 scoop Vanilla Whey Protein
1 teaspoon Glutamine

FUN FACT: eating apples WITH the skin can be beneficial to your muscle building and fat burning goals!!! Studies have been done on mice where two muscle building hormones in the body were increased. It also contains URSOLIC ACID which also increases hypertrophy (increase in muscle size) and diminishes atrophy (muscle loss). Oh and lastly, it has body fat decreasing capabilities, as well as decreasing your cholesterol and blood glucose.
So eat an apple a day to keep the fat away! 


2 thoughts on “Banana Apple Shake with a side of an Explosive Leg Workout

  1. Love love love love love love LOVING your blog!!! Every time I read I want to go work out, which is a little annoying right now as a I am inbetween gyms and will not be able to afford joining one near my new place until Feb. What’s your take on @ home work outs – just as effective with weights and a run? x

  2. absolutely! in reality, you don’t even need a gym membership; gyms are there for convenience and to just plain spoil us. buy some dumbbells (look at thrift stores for super cheap ones) and an exercise ball and your golden! in fact, i will post some at home exercises as soon as i get a chance! hopefully that will give you some ideas 😀

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