Arms & Abs

My workout today consisted of Arms & Abs!
I started with single sets on my abs  and then I superset biceps and triceps:

Single Sets  (resting 30 seconds between each set)
Ball Pike                                                      15 X 3

High Cable Chop                                      15 X 3

Hip Thrusts                                               20 X 3

Weighted Ball Crunch                             15 X 3

Bicep Cable Curls                                      12 X 3
Tricept Pressdown                                    12 X 3

Concentration Curl                                    12 X 3
Rotating French Press                              12 X 3

Hammer Curls                                             12 X 3
Triceps Double Kickbacks                      12 X 3

I decided to do some HIIT on the treadmill. I actually WANTED to do it (if you don’t know already, I detest cardio). I completed 20 minutes:

On 30 seconds, Off 30 seconds:
1 – 8 minutes on 8 mph
9 – 10 minutes on 8.3 mph
11-12 minutes on 8.5 mph
12-13 minutes on 8.6 mph
13 – 14 minutes on 8.7 mph
14 – 15 minutes on 9.0 mph
15 – 20 minutes on 9.5 mph
= 20 minutes

I wish I had increased the intensity. For some reason I was loaded with energy; I think it might have had something to do with the KILLER Dada Life podcast I was listening to! I could have gone on for hours!

About 30 minutes after I chugged my protein + H20 shake, I ate a salad with a cup of turkey chilli as dressing. I actually made the Turkey Chilli last night, but didn’t want to share the recipe because it tasted…um… terrible. However today it didn’t taste too bad!

You know, I have been thinking this week, my blog is so recipe and food oriented, which is kind of funny because I am hardly a chef. I have been told that my cooking is bland and my sandwiches are dry. I am absolutely not creative when it comes to food. All this being said, I obviously enjoy my own food and never complain when eating it. It is different when you eat your own crappy food, opposed to someone else’s.
This blog has allowed me to really test the waters in being a domestic lady. I want to know how to cook. I want my food to be delicious. And I want to be able to recreate fatty unhealthy dishes by making them healthy, nutritious and tasty!

I know a lot more about training, and I probably should post more on training related topics – it is on my to-do list – but for some reason I think most of my training topics are elementary, and no brainers, and that everyone should already know them; but I am starting for realize that everyone does not know them. I realized this while looking at the people in my gym today. People have no concept of proper form, and probably have no idea what muscles those particular exercises are for!!!

Oh, I forgot to mention, I went to Raw Canvas (again) this evening, to finish off my painting. It was a lovely evening. I was surprised to see it so “busy” – the painting section was full, but the bar was quiet. I brought my iPod this time, and jammed to some nasty house beats while sipping on some vino. The wine really got the creative juices flowing.
I changed the colours in the leg a bit – the green was bothering me…

I started getting tired towards the end and I do not like what I have done with her neck. I am going to have to fix that tomorrow.

There were some seriously talented people there tonight! Check it out:

One of the guys that works there. Such a sick painting! Love the texture!


The girl who found me the song painted this! Cool eh?! Fall & Winter

Birthday group bought one canvas for everyone to work on and one of the friends started painting the back of the canvas. Looks AWESOME!

I want this in my room!

And he said it was his first time making art :O

love love love LOVE this painting!

Don’t know who this belongs to. Simple but totally awesome!

At first I wasn’t too impressed with this because it was just green shapes, but as I was leaving, I realized he had painted a gold course. And he did a damn good job of it!

Some more cool art!

I hope to go every day this week! The weekend should be fun!!!


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