Chest & Back

Yay! Today was sunny! Finally, after so many days of rain! And tomorrow is meant to be sunny too! Yippeeee!

Very happy with the beautiful weather!

Todays workout was super fun! and the gym was filled with hunks of all shapes and sizes 😉

Chest & Back:

Assisted Pull-ups                                12 X 3
Dumbbell Flye on Ball                      12 X 3

Seated Cable Row                                 12 X 3
Incline Chest Press                               12 X 3

High Cable Row on Ball                        12 X 3
Dumbbell Flat Bench Press                  12 X 3

Weights was followed by 20 minutes of HIIT on the Treadmill – 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. It went something like this:
1 – 5 minutes 8.0 mph
6 – 7 minutes 8.4 mph
7 – 10 minutes 8.5 mph
10 – 12 minutes 8.7 mph
12 – 16 minutes 9.0 mph
16 – 17 minutes 9. 4 mph
17 – 20 minutes 9.6 mph
and a cool down for 5 minutes
= 25 minutes!

For lunch I had a simple turkey sandwich:

1 Sandwich Thin
1 tablespoon Creamy Spinach Dip
3 slices Nitrate-free Turkey Breast Slices
1 slice Reduced-Fat Havarti Cheese
Spinach Leaves

And I had it with a side of cherry tomatoes and a small to-go container of Blackberry Greek Yogi

I eat a lot of meals in my car, as you can see…in fact, I sleep in my car sometimes too (between classes). I even have a pillow in the back!

ohhh so guess where I just came back from?! RAW CANVAS! My painting is pretttttttty much done. I didn’t think I would get so much done! I kind of wish I went a little slower, I still have 4 days left to complete it. I have a funny feeling that I migggght just buy another canvas and create a new masterpiece! I am learning a lot! And as I practice everyday, I get better and better. I don’t want to stop! Art makes me happy!
There was some more incredible talent tonight. Check it out…

Alice in Wonderland

This one was my favourite!!

Jellyfish! JELLYFISH ARE SO COOL! I think I am going to go to the aquarium this weekend!

The handless-ness is intentional btw! There is deep profound meaning behind it 😉

Textured background

I didn’t know what to do with the background. I knew I did not want to use a dark colour, because I was afraid the background would over power the figure.
I tired this light textured look with a spatula. I don’t know if I love it, but everyone else there seemed to like it…but then again…I doubt anyone would say anything bad to my face.


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