healthy eating rule NUMERO UNO!


To maintain a revved up metabolism, in which you are continuously burning fat and not storing it away, you must eat every 2-3 hours. When you do not fuel yourself constantly during the day, your body assumes you are in a situation where food is unavailable, and it goes into survival mode; storing fat so that you can use it when in dire need. Now, I am not criticizing this system – it’s brilliant, I mean, CLEARLY our bodies LOVE and CARE for us enough to do such a  thoughtful deed. Right?! So don’t you think we should treat it well too, and feed the poor thing often enough, so that we aren’t unnecessarily causing it to panic and go into survival mode!
Today, after my workout, I gulped down my H2O + Vanilla Whey shake, and headed straight to Raw Canvas to tweak my masterpiece of a painting. I totally “forgot” to fuel myself after (that and I packed a post workout meal, which I accidentally ate before my workout :S), something I try NEVER to do! It is so important to eat a 4:1 carb/protein post workout meal. I say this because after a workout, you body is in dire need of fuel – I mean common, you just stripped it clean with that intense workout – and carbohydrates are our body’s main source of fuel. If you do not consume carbs after your workout, your body will go straight to your muscles for fuel. Now doesn’t that defeat the purpose of your workout? You went to the gym to gain muscle and/or tone up – don’t make your workouts pointless and counterproductive!

All this being said, I did just that today….after my workout I did not fuel myself properly, and on my drive home I felt like a zombie. I was soooo famished, I could hardly think straight, let alone drive striaght. The first thing I did when I got home was go straight to the kitchen. I ate anything and everything I saw in sight. Do not ask me what I ate for dinner, because I honestly have no idea. I didn’t taste anything – I was on autopilot. However, I can tell you that I finished all the granola from last night.

When I get to the point of unbearable hunger, I go on a binge. Nothing fills me up and I eat constantly. So, to avoid this, I make sure I never feel hungry. In fact, I am always eating or always have food on hand. Today was a boo boo. Badly planned.
A good emergency food to have on hand at all times, is an apple! That’ll keep you satiated till you can get your hands on some proper grub!

So todays workout was Legs & Shoulders:

Stationary Reverse Step Lunges                                                                         12 X 3
Cable Kickbacks                                                                                                          12 X 3

Side Lunge                                                                                                                       12 X 3
Stiffies (aka Romanian Deadlifts/Stiff-legged Deadlifts)                             10 X 3

Step Bridge (basically feet are placed on a step)                                            12 X 3
Hamstring Curl on Exercise Ball                                                                           12 X 3

Barbell Overhead Press                                                                                             12 X 3
Bent-over Row (palms facing me)                                                                          12 X 3

Single Set:
Leg Press 30 X 3 (10 feet shoulder width apart, 10 plie stance, 10 feet together)

Dumbbell Lateral Raise                                                                                             12 X 3
Dumbbell Front Raise                                                                                                12 X 3
Bent-over Reverse Flye                                                                                              12 X 3

What I mean by “Psuedo-Circuit,” is that I performed 1 rep of the lateral raise, 1 rep of the front raise, 1 rep of the bent-over reverse flye, and that made up ONE REP. I went through that 12 times for a total of 36. Make sense?

I was tired after weights so cardio was only 30 minutes of NO LEANING easy-peasy book cardio on the Stairmaster. I started at level 7 and worked up to level 10 for a total of 114 stairs in 34 minutes!




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