lavash flatbread overdose…

Wanna know what the spookiest event of today was/is? SNOW! Its snowing in beautiful vancity! I secretly hope it sticks so that the city looks like a winter wonderland 😀

Today’s (or I guess yesterday’s) workout was the same as Mondays, except, instead of Tricep Kickbacks, I did Bench Dips! Plus 40 minutes of Lean Queen Book Cardio – I went up to level 17…can’t be too too proud of that since I was leaning the whole time.

Man my belly feels gross; mom bought a massive bag of rosemary & olive oil flatbread, and i think I just ate a third of that gigantic bag. I couldn’t stop myself. Autopilot.

Tomorrow will consist of CARDIO! and hopefully LOTS OF IT! whoop dee doo!


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