Today was a wonderful day!

I woke up late, went ice skating, ate a fabulous Salmon Salad at Earls with 2 wonderful friends, and then spent the evening catching up on some work at Blenz!

I hadn’t skated since Elementary School (I think); however, Niki mentioned something about an 80’s themed grad event back in 2006 or 2007…but heck, I can’t remember that far back!

I think one of the greatest parts of skating today was the guy who worked there. He kind of reminded me of ME! We used the same words, like “dope”, and he seemed to pull sentences out of my head. Okay…maybe it was only because he used the word “dope” instead of “cool” or “awesome.” So easy to excite me eh…

OMG AND HOW COULD I FORGET TO TELL YOU GUYS!!! I GOT AN IPHONE FINALLY!!! I hardly want to go out and socialize; I am so surprised I went out with Niki and Sam this afternoon. All I want to do is sit and play with my NEW PHONE! Yayyyy! it is the COOOLEST device EVER made! I thought I was going to miss my Blackberry Messenger, but heck with that! I can now SKYPE ON MY PHONE! I had a visual and auditory conversation with my cousin the other day. She was sitting in NYC and I was sitting here in the great white north! INCREDIBLE! AND THE APPS!!! OH THE APPS! There is an application for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! okay okay time to go play with MY NEW PHONE 😀 😀 😀

haha ofcourse I had to fall, and look! Niki is saving me from my fall!the perfect duothis friendship is going onto 12 years this year! wowza!


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