JUST the right amount of rest!

Now that school is back in full swing, I see a trend occurring; seems like I will be posting blogs later in the evening for the most part.

Anyway, today I want to talk about something that I find is ignored much too often, and is in fact a critical part of a quality workout.

If you read my post on Training Types, you would have noticed how I mentioned different rest periods for the different training types. Getting the right amount of rest between sets will get you that much closer to your fitness goals – whether it is strength, fat loss, muscle gain, you name it.

When you are looking to get stronger, you want to give your muscles enough time to recover and regroup before the next set. During this training type you are lifting very heavy with a lower rep range, so naturally you want your muscles to completely restore its ATP (energy) so that it will not fatigue in the next set. If you do not allow for adequate rest you will not be able to lift as much on the next set AND/or on your next workout. Anywhere between 2 to 5 minutes will allow your muscles to get ready for another heavy load.

For fat loss as well as muscle gain (remember the more muscle you have the more fat you are going to burn, so if fat loss is your goal, you should be aiming for hypertrophy) you want to keep your rest periods short; anywhere between 30-90 seconds. I say this because firstly, you want to keep your heart rate elevated so you can burn the most amount of calories; and secondly, so that you force your muscles to fatigue, tear, and increase in muscle fibre. Increased muscle fibre = increased muscle (duh!).
I suppose the best routine for fat loss would be circuit training. That way you will keep your heart elevated for your entire workout, only allowing for minimal amount of rest.

SO, for you people looking to trim down or bulk up, next time your working out, don’t dilly dally while gossiping with Jessica and Benji, instead keep your eye on the clock and get er done!
And for you people looking to get strong – be patient, and don’t distract Jessica and Benji from getting slim and ripped!

I am very particular about my rest periods. If you ever see me at the gym, I prefer not to chat while hitting the weights. It’s in and out, with one eye on my watch the whole time. In fact, one of my gym pet peeves is when people come up and start chatting while in the middle of a superset. I now resort to listening to my iPod the whole time. When I am living heavier weights, I prefer to not listen to my iPod because I like to listen to my breath. I know it’s bizarre, but it helps me focus better and prevents me from holding my breath.
Clearly, I take working out much too seriously eh…meh floats my boat alright! And hopefully you will start getting serious about resting periods too – it’ll get you that much closer to your goals, which in turn will make me VERY HAPPY FOR YOU!

Some awesome pics I took with MY NEW IPHONE (:D).
There is this super awesome app called Instagram. My friend Niki introduced it to me; and basically its a photo sharing forum, but you are able to manipulate the photographs you take, so that they look artsy and just plain AWESOME!
So, people basically just post their iPhone photographs, and you can start following them, and people can start following you. It’s like a little iPhone community! You can tag pictures as well as comment and like them. Kind of like Facebook or Twitter or all social networking servers for that matter.
Oh and there are SO MANY TALENTED PEOPLE out there! In fact, Niki is pretty awesome! I’ll ask her to share some with me and I’ll post them up here for you to see.

You know me, I LOVE CLOUDS!

and Trees! only thing missing now is water. and you šŸ˜‰ hehe


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