and I thought I was fit…….

I died during my workout this evening.

Last night I asked my friend Preet whether she knew of any good workout apps, and she mentioned some Nike app. So naturally, I typed in Nike and downloaded the Nike Training Club app. I looked it over last night and chose the workout I wanted to do this evening.

I had a choice between “get lean,” “get toned,” “get strong,” and “get focused.” I chose GET LEAN. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do want to get toned and definitely strong, but leaning out is important to me at the moment since I have packed on a few extra pounds in the past few months.
I then had to choose whether I was beginner, intermediate or advanced; and obviously I chose advanced.
I consider myself to be quite fit and most definitely consider myself advanced. Pffffttt WRONG! Little did I know that I am no way advanced!
I died! My lungs hurt for a good 3 hours after my workout. It was ALL plyometrics.
I realized that I am actually not as fit as I thought I was. I completed the 45 min routine diligently with all the explosive power I could generate. People must have thought I was a weirdo because I was panting hard, groaning, and speaking motivational words to myself. All in all, I am glad I pushed myself to the limit because I really did get a killer workout today. In fact, I had so much fun doing it that I want to continue experimenting with circuit training and plyometrics.

The workout is called Adrenaline HIT and it looked like:

Warm Up:
5 mins on Stationary Bike
1 min: Back Pedal
1 min: High Knee Runs
1 min: Walking Lunges
2 min: Light Jog
2 min: Recover

1 min: Squat Hold
1 min: Plank Row to Burpee (10 lbs)
30 sec: Tuck Jumps
1 min: Mountain Climbers
2 min: Single Leg Deadlift with Shoulder Press (10 lbs)
1 min Russian Twist (3 kg medicine ball)
1 min: Broad Jumps
1 min: Recovery

2 min: Two Feet Lateral Hops Distance
1 min: Walk Out Push-up to Swivel
30 sec: Split Jumps
1 min: Plank Walks
1 min: Squat Flips with 190 Degree Turns
2 min: Side Planks
30 sec: Recovery


Cool Down:
1 min: Lower Back Stretch
2 min: Standing Hamstring Stretch
2 min: Pretzel Stretch

Wowza! It’s tough when you actually have a timer going but the little voice in your ear, constantly motivating you, makes it easier!

I went to Cafe Medina for brunch today with my friend Michelle. She had never been, and I absolutely LOVE to be there when people lose their Medina virginity (that sounds to politically incorrect). This little Belgium cafe has a line up that wraps around the block from the minute it opens till 3pm close now weekends. Its phenomenal – their waffles are to die for. I didn’t have waffles today, instead I ordered something I would normally never order.
In the past, whenever I saw people order this particular dish, I always thought how boring, plain, and bland it looked. I was SO WRONG! It was a) perfect portion, b) a variety of different things, c) you basically made your own little crostinis, and food which gives you something to do while eating it IS THE BEST KIND!
Instead of prosciutto, I got cream cheese smoked salmon. Yum!

Oh and how could I forget to mention the LAVENDER LATTE – only the best thing about Cafe Medina!


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