matcha didn’t know about this!

Thanks to school, I now associate coffee with stress; even just the smell reminds me of being a sleep deprived wreck, at some 24 hour coffee shop, with my nose nuzzled in a textbook.
The other reason, I avoid coffee, is to save it’s “power” from when it’s really needed. If I drink it too much I build a high tolerance, and then absolutely nothing will keep me awake.

I now resort to MATCHA! 

Match is finely milled green tea leaves. It has a bitter taste but it is PACKED with health benefits!
I am sure you have heard about matcha having cancer preventing properties and being a SUPER antioxidant. Well, not only is it a superfood, but one teaspoon has the same amount of caffeine as one cup of coffee! But the caffeine in match actually acts differently than that of coffee so you don’t need quite as much matcha as you would think: 1 gram (1/3 teaspoon) will suffice.

Reasons why I am ALL FOR MATCHA:

Firstly, it doesn’t give you that horrible jittery feeling that comes with coffee. The reason for this is due to an amino acid called L-Theanine. Theanine has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier, improving mood, reducing stress, increasing cognition!
Secondly, the caffeine in matcha is slowly released in the body. Basically, the caffeine in matcha will bind to Catechin molecules (a super duper antioxidants only found in green tea) and slowly release into the bloodstream. Together the catechin molecule and the caffeine make a mean team! The caffeine allows the catechin to be better absorbed and the catechin functions as a first-class carrier for the caffeine. Since the caffeine is slowly released, you don’t have to worry about adrenaline and cortisol spikes that come from drinking coffee.
And what happens when anything increases rapidly? CRASH AND BURN! Yuk, you know what I’m talking about – that feeling you get after a coffee high. Also, did you know the reason why coffee is so addictive is because of that same high?!

My PRIMARY reason for drinking matcha is for the caffeine. I need something to help get the motor running in my brain at school. That being said, drinking matcha has SO MANY BONUSES, which I am TOTALLY okay with benefiting from.
Matcha helps with weight loss because it increases the metabolism and our fat burning engine by about 20%! (woah!)
Also, the chlorophyl (stuff found on plants that give them that green colour) in it has super detoxifying powers; flushing unwanted toxins out of the body, and clearing up blemishes on the skin!

ANDDDD to make this argument EVEN MORE CONVINCING, it supposedly increases our endurance by 25%! WOAH! Marathon running and matcha drinking HERE I COME!

The only unfortunate part about matcha, is that it is SO EXPENSIVE to buy. But I guess, you hardly use much of it, so it should last a lifetime.

I always order my matcha lattes unsweetened and either add sugar-free vanilla syrup or stevia.

The matcha latte at “Something Healthy” was SUPER MATCHA-Y

Matcha gets kind of grainy towards the last few sips


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