Seems like I have embarked on a healthy restaurant adventure!
Today, I made my first trip to the COOLEST little cafe on Lower Lonsdale called BUDDHA-FULL! This place is SO RAD! I mean common, WITH A NAME LIKE THAT, how can it NOT BE?!
The place is bursting with character, the ambience is warm and comforting, but most importantly, the two owners were incredibly genuine and helpful!
This place is definitely going on my “hubba hubba” list….along with Something Healthy, Cafe Medina, Whole Foods, Savoury Island, Naam, The Eatery, oooo and the list goes onnnnnn…..

Speaking of Something Healthy, Preet and I went there for lunch today. I finally tried the Burwich, which by the way, was DELICIOUS! I had the turkey burwich; it smelled and tasted JUST like a burger patty, but instead had flax bread as the bun. Oh and most importantly, the ketchup is made from roasted red peppers, tomatoes and sweetened with honey. Brilliant!
We then went to Menchies for fro-yo. I filled my cup to the brim and weight in at almost 300g, while Preet kept it simple and small. Pfttt…way to make me feel like a fatas** Preet! 😛

After lunch and dessert, I drove over to my old high school to pick up my transcript to send off to UBC. I made it there at lunch time, so the hallways were infested with kids. It made me feel really nostalgic, but happy at the same time. Absolutely NOTHING had changed!

Some new art they added to the front entrance!

Ahhh these pantings REALLY made me nostalgic!

This one

more old art that give character to the plain white walls

I walked the halls and visited one of my favourite teachers, Mrs. O’ Connor. Oh man she was such an awesome teacher! I loved love her so much! She was in the middle of a lecture, so I wondered around outside, and within 10 seconds of being there, she spotted me and came rushing out to say hello. She came out beaming with excitement, calling my name. You know, I always feel like my old teachers have forgotten me, so when she called my name out, I felt really special 🙂 Since were on this topic, I bumped into my grade 11 Earth Science teacher at the gym a few weeks ago. I didn’t recognize her, but interestingly, she recognized me. She didn’t remember my name, but she stopped me and said, “Hey! I know you! I taught you!” – Mrs. Jonat – also a lovely teacher! And also really fit! She was doing these crazy bosu ball one-legged deadlift exercises, and lots of plyometrics.

Anyway, I sort of went off topic there. What I wanted to tell you about, was the AWESOME little cafe, Buddha-Full!
I actually went there to study, so I started with a Matcha Latte with Almond Milk and Stevia 🙂

The tables, chairs, and decor were so awesome.

Front Door


They are basically a smoothie bar (I seem to have developed a new obsession with smoothies), but serve vegan, gluten-free, and raw dishes as well. In fact, if I am not wrong, they were rated as Best Vegetarian Restaurant by the Georgia Straight.
You know…it is actually really hard to find places that use REAL FRUIT and REAL VEG in their smoothies! I think my obsession takes root at Whole Foods; I tried their smoothie called “The Green Goodness” a few weeks, and ever since then I have been on this bizarre smoothie bender! The Green Goodness has Kale and Ginger in it, but is surprisingly tasty! After that discovery, I discovered Something Healthy, and they make real smoothies too! And now, Buddha-Full!

Finally, after studying attempting to study  (instead I chatted with this lovely elderly man named Bob for about an hour and a half) I decided to get a SMOOTHIE.
Bob told me his life story, which was sort of tragic, but he surprisingly managed to remain such a genuine, jolly fellow. It was one of those cliche stories, where young foreign woman takes advantage of rich older man, gives him a baby, and as soon as he falls sick due to old age, she dumps him and takes everything he owns. Tragedy at it’s finest!

The Menu!

Smoothie Bar

I had the Buddha Buzz! It had Cinnamon, Cocoa, Hazelnut, and Organic Espresso, and Banana. 3 words: TO. DIE. FOR.


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