a tea that makes you immortal?

Ever heard of Kombucha? (pronounced kom-boo-cha)
I always see these fancy glass bottles at Whole Foods; however, until yesterday, I had never tried it.
I have heard so many people rave about Kombucha’s never ending list of health benefits.

This drink dates back 2000 years to the Tsin Dynasty in China; back then the tea was known as “the tea of immortality.”

Kombucha tea is basically fermented sweetened tea with something called “the Kombucha mushroom” in it. Kombucha mushroom isn’t actually a mushroom; it is a pancake like yeast/bacteria culture, which, swells into the shape of a mushroom when the tea is fermented. This probiotic microorganism digests the sugar in the tea and produces a bunch of organic acids, vitamins (like Vit B), amino acids, and enzymes. These by-products are what makes the tea such a hit in the health and wellness world.

Other than it being a great antioxidant it also increases energy, improves metabolism, reduces blood pressure, improves eyesight, and prevents cancers. It is also meant to help with allergies, digestive problems, arthritis, HIV, and hypertension.

Wow eh? Seems like it does a whole lot of good stuff.
God knows if any of this is true, or if it is just another way to get us to spend an unnecessary five bucks.

Some of the organic acids Kombucha produces are:

Glucuronic Acid
, which does three important things in the body: firstly, it is the body’s best detoxifier; secondly, it is proven to help people with allergies; and thirdly it helps lubricate joints, so this might be beneficial for people with arthritis.
Lactic Acid is an acid which is important in our digestive system; circulating blood and making sure our intestines flush out nicely; it also balances our body’s pH levels which helps in preventing cancer.
Usnic Acid is a natural antibiotic, so say good-bye to catching viruses at school, work, or the gym.
Acetic Acid will stop bacteria from forming.

So how does it taste? Hmm…I don’t think the flavor is for everyone. I liked it, but I can see how people might find the taste to be repulsive.
It also has a bizarre smell. O and to make it even more appetizing, it has this weird cloudy culture swimming at the bottom of the bottle.
Also, a word of advice: when you do try it, DO NOT SHAKE THE BOTTLE! I made this mistake; I shook it so hard in order to mix the cloudy culture that half the bottle exploded all over my clothes. The bottle didn’t even warn me! I had no idea it was carbonated!!


2 thoughts on “a tea that makes you immortal?

  1. You know what, I’m trying it for the first time since I read your blog on Kombucha the other day. I have to say, it’s a difficult drink to knock back but I’m pretty good at consuming things that are good for me even if they taste repulsive. Will this be part of my usual diet? Probably not, but I’ll try new flavours of it now and then to see if any work of them work for me. Thanks for the useful information 🙂

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