hello my long lost love

Exam part I done! How did it go? Ummm…not so great. I was aiming for 98%, but I definitely didn’t get in the 90’s! Tragedy! I thought it was going to be waaaay easier than that. I definitely got the longest question wrong. It was worth five marks, and I got all five points wrong! Ah! I should REALLY stop thinking about it because every time I start thinking about it, I realize I got more and more wrong. Pooper.

Anyway, on a more positive note, I stepped into the weight room after over a month today! Unbelievable! It was so much fun

I pulled out a workout routine, which an awesome trainer, Martin Bolduc, devised for me about a year ago.

Martin’s routine will consist of a 3 day split:
Workout A (which I did today) – Shoulders & Back
Workout B – Back
Workout C – Legs

I will do this routine for 4 weeks, and I will keep you updated with my weight increase progress 🙂
Seeing progress in strength is the BEST motivation!

I totally thought I would be super weak since I haven’t been lifting.
However, even though I have only been doing plyometric style exercises, I have been using 12.5 lbs weights for most of the exercise, so technically, it is not like I haven’t doing any resistance training.

To my surprise, I am stronger than I thought; I suppose plyometrics actually do increase strength since there is a lot of bodyweight exercise involved.

I could have increased my weight today, but I figured I shouldn’t shock my body, rather ease myself into it. I wasn’t shaking at my last rep; I am REALLY excited to kick up the notch next time I perform this routine!

Incline Smith – 12 X 1 @ 30 lbs
                                12 X 2 @ 40 lbs
Crunch on floor – 25 X 3

Chest Press on Ball w/ Dips – 12 X 3 @ 20 lbs
Double Crunch – 25 X 3

Incline DB Press – 12 X 3 @ 20 lbs
Arnold Press – 12 X 3 @ 12 lbs *remember to go super slow on the way down* 

Rear Delt Raise – 12 X 3 @ 10 lbs

DB Military Press – 12 X 3 @ 15 lbs

(DB = dumbbells)

Weights were followed by Adrenaline HIT.
I probably won’t perform the Nike Training Club on my weight days; I think that might lead to overtraining.

This is TOTALLY me!

Even though I know I have gained all this jean ripping weight, I still look in the mirror and think I have become leaner and more defined in the past month or so.
However, I always think I have all this crazy muscular definition, and I always show my mom, like, “mom! mom! check out my rear delt shadow” or “check out my abs,” while I strategically place myself in the perfect lighting and at the perfect angle in order to see a shadow – which is probably a figment of my own imagination. And every time my mom looks at me with this sorry look of sympathetic encouragement.

She doesn’t see what I see!!

But at the end of the day, it is how you look and feel to yourself, not what everyone else sees!


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