back day.

Today was probably THE MOST unproductive day. It was beautiful!

Last night I miraculously found some time to see my best bud, Shahriar, after MONTHS!

Life can be so unfair sometimes.
I think one of the biggest regrets in life, and one of the things I may never be able to forgive myself for, is not spending enough time with friends who live in the same city as me.
It is almost like you completely take people you care about for granted, but you have absolutely no control over it because life sort of takes over, inhibiting precious time.
And then suddenly, either you move away, or you pal moves away, and you can never spend time with them. And the time you do get to spend with them has an expiry date of two weeks max, since no one can really take that much time off work.
Life really can be unfair. You almost have to appreciate every minute and every second spent with people you love and care for.
And that can be anyone from your best bud to the starbucks barrister.

Anyway, I hit the weight room earlier in the day and then met a friend in the evening to do a 45 minute Nike Training Club routine, but unfortunately, when we got to the gym they said they were closing in 20 minutes.
The website totally lied about their hours. Not cool.
Anyway, we quickly jumped on the elliptical and did a 3 km cardio session. I broke a nice sweat, so can’t complain too much!

I trained my back today; I kept the weights moderate like I did yesterday.
I love this back day because it’s short and sweet, and I actually enjoy all the exercises… except for maybe the deadlifts.
I much prefer (and absolutely love) stiff-legged deadlifts; I always feel  awkward doing bent knee deadlifts since my right foot has a tendency to shifts as I squat down (stiff hip flexors), and the barbell is just awkward.

Hammer Strength Back Rows – 12 X 3 @ 50 lbs
Decline Crunch  – 25 X 3

Alternating Grip Barbell Deadlifts – 12 X 3 @ 25 lbs
Leg Raises on Bench – 20 X 3

Reverse Grip Barbell Bent Over Row  – 12 X 3 @ 10 lbs
Close Grip Lat Pull w/ V-Bar – 12 X 3 @ 50 lbs 

hahaha BEST cartoon EVER MADE!


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