chika chaka whaaaaat – CHAKRAS

WOAH! I don’t know where to start – I am in a state of shock.
Okay…regroup, Alyna, regroup, regroup….breathe…okay….

So I was studying at the library this afternoon and I get a facebook message from this guy saying he has my license and to call him. So, obviously, as soon as I got that message I dialled his number faster than the speed of light.
He said he worked at a hotel out in EAST VAN! My car got broken into in NORTH VAN! Weird! He said some lady found it and brought it over to the hotel!
I felt relieved for some reason; mixed feelings actually – not quite sure what the mix was exactly, but I felt curious, relieved, annoyed, I don’t know – a whole bunch of miss mash and confusion running through my body.

Anyway, so then I continued my day, and while I am driving to spin class this evening, I get a phone call from Mom saying ICBC called and said they found my BOOKS!!!!!!!!! Apparently, they found a stolen car, and lo and behold, my books were IN THERE! NUTS RIGHT?! What a weird coincidence that my license AND books were found on the very same day!!

I am writing this post not only to share the crazy wonderful news, but also to tell you that I think I manifested these events – It is almost like I made them happen. Gosh, I sound like such a hippie but listen…

Firstly, this morning during class I started writing my hormone post – it’s saved and not quite ready to be posted yet.  Sorry… In that post I sort of touched on Chakras.
After the phone call from Mom, I know want to fully go in depth because I think my energy, my mindset, and my power made all this good stuff happen.

Okay, before you think I am crazy, and decide to boycott my blog, hear me out.

The power of the mind is insane.
You can achieve ANYTHING you want by just believing, being aware, and focusing all your energy on what you want to achieve.
Okay, so maybeeeee I am getting a little carried away thinking I made all this happen, but still….secretly, I think I did.

A few days ago, I was feeling lost and hopeless. Things in life were going wrong and I didn’t know where to look or who to look to. This was definitely directly related to an imbalance in hormones (or Chakras), and I was just manifesting a whole lot of negative energy – stress, anxiety, irritability, uncontrollable hunger – it just was no good. 

I strongly believe that if you constantly produce negative thoughts, surround yourself with negativity, and dwell on negative things, negative things tend to happen in life.
In contrast, if you surround yourself with positivity, and constantly keep optimistic, then everything seems to work out; coincidences happen more often and the path paves itself smoothly.
Positive attracts more positive and negative attracts more negative.

So let’s just say I was stuck in a temporary rut.

I called on my darling friend Maral, and asked to speak with her mom, Maryam Joon, a spiritual woman who practices Eastern philosophies; such as, Reiki, meditation, Chakra balancing, and Kabbalistic astrology.
Maral and many of her friends have gone to Maryam Joon for guidance, advice, and just someone to speak to who has a different perspective.
Just speaking with her was enlightening. She opened my eyes to who I am, and what my personality is capable of, my tendencies, and basically how to deal with myself based on my personal traits.
She briefly sang the singing bowls and burned sage to clear my aura.
Whatever it was, whether the sage worked or not, I felt good after leaving her place.
Sure you are thinking hocus pocus, but holistic approaches to medicine and healing should not be overlooked – Keeping an open mind is key!
Remember the mind is a crazy thing and sometimes just believing works like magic.

I then decided to practice a little Chakra visualization – something I used to do A LOT last year. Every yoga practice I attended and every time I was conscious of my thoughts, I imagined my Chakras beaming out of me in rainbow colours. I would allow my visualized energy consume the room and everyone in it.

 So what are Chakras?

In Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, Chakras are believed to be spiritual energies or power forces that live within the body. When they are balanced and open, you are free of illness and you feel blissful. However, if they are blocked or out of balance, you may have illnesses, not feel 100%, or have problems socializing or expressing yourself.

The epiphany I had after seeing Maryam Joon, was that Chakras are just the Eastern version of ENDOCRINE GLANDS!
When our hormones are off balance, we have problems, when they are functioning properly, we are free of health (psychological or physical) issues.
We have 7 endocrine glands: Hypothalamus, Pituitary Gland, Thyroid Gland, Parathyroid Gland, Adrenal Glands, Thymus Gland, and Ovaries/Testes. BADA BOOM! These glands are all placed exactly where the SEVEN Chakras are placed. BADA CHA!

BADA BOOM BADA CHA! Light bulb moment!
I then started doing a little reading on Chakras, and I kept seeing references to the Endocrine System. How did I miss that last year when I was so intrigued by the Chakras?! The Reticular Activating System I tell yah!

Okay back on topic…Chakra means turning wheel, and there are believed to be 7 primary Chakras along the length of the body: The Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra.

Each of the 7 spinning energy points are associated with a different physical or psychological trait. Each one is also associated to a colour.

The first Chakra is the Root Chakra; it is red.
When open it gives you the sense of being grounded, security, and being aware of yourself in the moment – in the physical body.
However, when it is blocked, you may feel nervous or scared, perhaps uneasy in social settings.
If it is too open, you may be obsessed with materialistic matters and may even be greedy.

2 – The Sacral Chakra is orange. It has to do with libido and sexuality.
When it is open you are not over or under emotional and have no problem expressing feelings. Basically your libido is working and you have a sexual drive! And if it too open, or closed, then you’re either over emotional or under emotional – too much sexual desire, or no sex drive at all.

3 – The Solar Plexus Chakra is yellow and it is linked to emotions, as well as one’s sense of identity.
When it is open, you feel comfortable in your skin and can make decisions easily. When it is closed it causes you to be aloof, and you may find it difficult to make sound decisions.
If it is too open then you may find yourself to be highly strung, short tempered, or aggressive.

4- The Heart Chakra can either be pink or green, and you can guess, it has to do with love.
When it is open you are friendly, your relationships are perfect, and you get along with everyone.
If it is closed you may find yourself distant and perhaps detached in your relationships.

5 – The Throat Chakra is blue, it too is an obvious one. It is about self-expression. When it is open you will have no problems expressing yourself, whether it is artistically or linguistically.
If it is closed you may find yourself to be shy or second-guessing yourself.
When it is too open, you may blabber on about nonsense for extended periods of time (you think mine is too open? hehe kidding) and do not listen to what others say.

6 – The Third Eye is indigo; often associated with the pineal (or pituitary) gland. It has to do with visualization.
If it is open you are intuitive and dream a lot.
If it is closed, you may not think for yourself; rather you find yourself blindly following the masses.
If it is too open you may be living in a fantasy world without good judgment.

Lastly, the seventh and final Chakra – the purple Crown Chakra – the one we all strive to open.
This Chakra is located above the head and is associated with wisdom, knowledge, and being in tune with the universe around us.
When open, you are open-minded and present at all times.
If it is closed then you may not be open to others beliefs and stubborn in your thinking.
If it is too open, then you may be overdoing the whole spiritual thing and neglecting your physical body.

Life is about balance.
It is so easy to say that, but achieving balance is one of the hardest ventures in life. It is something we are all constantly trying to achieve, but it is almost impossible to sustain balance forever. There is no such thing as eternal balance – that would be death, or non existence. At least that is what I think.
And hey! that isn’t a bad thing; I mean one of the most wonderful things in life is change and evolution, which in turn causes adaptation, learning, and enlightenment. So why should we even want eternal balance?! We would be static characters – that’s no fun!

Now, whether you believe this or not, I encourage you – no scratch that – I challenge you to try visualizing (during meditation or while sitting in your chair right now) each of these 7 Chakras.

This is how I want you to visualize it:

Close your eyes, and take few deep breaths.
Imagine yourself sitting or standing.
Then imagine a light beaming out of each Chakra locations. Imagine this light to be spinning in a counter-clockwise direction.

Start with your Root Chakra. Imagine a red light spinning counter-clockwise in the area between the ground and your body (if you are imagining yourself sitting) or just below your crotch (if you are imagining yourself standing).
Then move onto the Sacral, which is orange, then the Solar Plexus, which is yellow, and so on and so forth.

Now keep in mind, that you may not be able to visualize all the energy points, perfectly aligned along the length of your body – some of them may be off to the side, or you may not be able to visualize one or two of them. This may be frustrating.
It is believed that only when you are able to visualize all of 7 of them, perfectly aligned, in their represented colors, spinning counter-clockwise, simultaneously, is when you are in balance and harmony.

These points may move about and go off balance throughout the day; they may not be aligned or balanced every minute and every second of the day, and that’s fine, in fact that is normal!
Just keep visualizing your energy and try to feel its presence on top of your skin.

I don’t know if you have felt this, but when I am really excited or really happy, I sometimes feel my hair stand on my skin, or I get a buzzing, tingling feeling through my skin.
When this happens, I can actually feel a force shielding me; and when I am sad or feeling down, I can hardly feel a force around me.
I mean this could all be in my head, but at the end of the day, it is my head where I live mostly, and if it is reality in my head, then I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Think placebo effect….

Any way, instead of studying for my exam tomorrow, I wrote this post! Productive eh?!
Perhaps if I visualize my Chakras, and pour all my energy into believing I will get an A, I will get an A. haha kidding.
Some things in life need active participation, for all other things we have CHAKRAS 😉

Let me know if you feel a difference from visualizing your energy! I would love to hear your view on this hocus pocus!


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