the first day!

Today was the first day of blissful living. No responsibility. No worries. Just freedom.

I slept in till about 1pm, and woke up to a BEAUTIFUL blue skied sunshiny day!
I also couldn’t walk for the first 10 minutes because my legs were SO SORE from yesterdays workout! Holy MOLY! I guess I pushed myself a little hard on those calf raises and hamstring curls, because my legs have been in pain ALL DAY!

Any way, I knew it was the perfect day for a run light jog along the seawall. Pumping blood to your muscles makes the pain of DOMS go away 😀
I ate a light breakfast of Greek yogi, coconut flour, kaya coconut spread, and flax seeds. I had to stir vigorously for a few minutes to reduce the grainy texture.

I haven’t run outside for ages, and since my legs were in pain I decided to go light. I ran 1 minute and walked 4 minutes for a total of 45 minutes and about 5.3 K.
It was nice. I got to enjoy the beautiful day on the busy seawall.

It was so bright out, I couldn’t see the screen on my iPhone and my finger seems to have come in the way. Still a stunning shot!

I ended the walk/jog at Cactus Club where I met Mom and Nana for lunch.
Mmm I absolutely LOVE the Raincoast Greens at Cactus. Best salad EVER!

I then headed downtown for a chillin’ Warm Yin Yoga class with my favourite yoga instructor, Shandy Rae Scarfo. She had the cutest outfit on today – pink leopard tights with a pink tank layered on top of a black one. She also has a rockin’ body, so pretty much everything she wears looks stellar!
She is chiseled, in fact, today I was admiring her perfect triceps definition.

I think the instructor makes a world of a difference, and one needs to be compatible with their instructors energy.

After I leave Shandy Rae’s class, I honestly feel like a glowing beaming ball of light. She has the most wonderful energy, great sense of humour, and such a relaxed way of teaching.
You can just tell that she knows what she is doing, and I like that she emphasizes on proper form.
For example, in dancers pose, she is the only instructor I know who always emphasizes on keeping your front arm straight up, opposed to parallel to the ground. The latter form actually sets one up for increased risk of injury, but everyone seems to be wanting to get as deep into postures rather than doing them properly.
I find this same sort of ego in the weight room quite often; in fact, I often find myself a slave to this flaw too.
People (and myself) are always trying to lift the heaviest weight, which totally throws off proper form, increasing the risk of injury, and doing absolutely no good for whatever goal that person may have – whether it’s strength or hypertrophy. Proper form is key!

Sometimes we have to throw our egos out the window to achieve success, and other times we need our egos to keep our head in the game. In this case, we have got to throw our egos out and not get discouraged when we are not seeing the progress we want.

Be persistent and consistent and success is inevitable.
Call me an idealist or a lady living in a lala-land, but I really believe that.

However, persistently and consistently spending on my credit card has not brought me any finical success, only a new pair of Lululemon tights.

I am a little skeptical about keeping them since they’re white and my thighs are violently thunderous. Yay? or nay?

I need to stop shopping there! It is making me severely poor, and I don’t own any non-Lululemon clothes from the looks of it.
I live in workout gear, and when the time comes to dress nicely, I get stumped.
I own NO nice clothes! Not to say Lululemon isn’t nice, but one can’t exactly wear it out to a nice dinner, or a nightclub (even though I do wear Lulu tights our to the club…shhh…don’t judge….)

Okay, time for bed. I want to wake up early and get my workout out of the way before noon! Hopefully my legs will be fully healed by tomorrow morning!
Goodnight 🙂


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