The Virtually No Calorie Snack-a-roo

A couple of nights ago, I came home pretty late, and I was feeling a bit hungry, but I had already had dinner, and if you don’t already know, I am watching my waistline – a.k.a trying to fit into my wretched clothes!!!!
It really is disappointing (and kinda gross) the way my jelly is oozing over my pants……

Sooooo, I was thinking, what could I eat that has a good crunch, tastes good, and will fill my belly before bed?

The only veg I had in the fridge drawer were celery sticks….so I decided to make a rudimentary, but probably THE MOST BRILLIANT snack-a-roo in ze world – ANTS ON A STICK!


All you need are:

4 Celery Sticks
2 Laughing Cow Cream Cheese Wedges
1 tablespoon Cranberries.

And all you need to do is:

Distribute the cream cheese on each celery stick and stick cranberries on the cream cheese and VOILA – a virtually no calorie snack – about 23 calories per stick!

I had my sticks with some Rooibos Chai 🙂


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