the world ended when the internet got shot

My internet was down ALL of yesterday, so I couldn’t blog to my hearts desire. THANK GOD for iPhones! I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have this amazing little device!

Yesterday, after hitting the gym for a ONE HOUR CARDIO SESSION (I can’t remember the last time I was on an ergometer for an hour straight) on the elliptical and stairmaster, I attended a 2 hour meditation session at Northshore Zendo.
The Northshore Zendo is a group of (super awesome) people who gather weekly to meditate in the Zen Buddhist tradition.
P.S  if you were wondering how I kept my sanity for 2 hours straight – the 2 hour meditation was split into 25 minute segments.

It was interesting to see the Zazen technique and outlook towards meditation.
When I got there, I claimed a cushion of the floor, and sat in silence with the rest of the 20 or so people in the room. There was a very light and placid quality to the spacious room. You know how sometimes you can feel a significant difference in the energy of a room or of a person?
Anyway, after about 10 minutes, we were brought into a small room where we learned about proper posture, mudra (hand gesture), and the Zazen technique to silent meditation.
Basically, after assuming a comfortable cross-legged position on the cushion, which functions to tilt the pelvis, allowing for less strain on the spine, we kept our heads erect as if looking forward, but our eyes looking down.
The entire meditation was done with eyes open. Cool right?! I had never tried this, and I actually enjoyed it because it prevented me from dozing off (which tends to happen to me after the 10-15 minute mark). We were then instructed to count our breaths, odd numbers on the inhalation, and even numbers on the exhalations – we counted till 10 and then repeated from 1.
Initially it was easy peasy lemon squeezy, but after meditating for 30 minutes, it was SO HARD to keep my mind focused (and awake) and my body still.
I am the world’s most impatient human being (no word of a lie).
And you know what the most frustrating part of it was?! The fact that EVERYONE in that room was able to maintain such a still body and patient mind.
Maybe one day I will be able to achieve such poised detachment from mind and body. One day…..

Okay, I never recapped my workout from Wednesday; I trained my Back:

Seated Straight Bar Rows
2 warm-up sets of 20 reps @ 20 lbs 
1 X 12 reps @ 70 lbs
3 X 5 reps @ 80 lbs 

One Arm Dumbbell Rows 
1 X 12 reps @ 25 lbs
3 sets @ 30 lbs: 12 reps/12 reps/ 10 reps

Assisted Pull-ups
1 X 12 reps @ 110 lbs
3 X max @ 90 lbs: 10/8/8

Bent-over Barbell Rows 4 X 12 reps @ 20 lbs

Seated Rear Delt Raise 4 X 12 reps @ 5lbs

Stairmill for 30 minutes @ Level 55

And today I trained my Legs, Biceps, and Back:

Close Stance on Squat Machine
1 warm-up set of 20 reps @ 0 lbs
5 X 8 reps @ 50 lbs/60 lbs/70 lbs/80 lbs/80 lbs

Incline Bench Biceps Curl 
2 warm-up sets of 20 reps @ 5 lbs
5 X 8 reps @ 8 lbs/8 lbs/10 lbs/10 lbs/10 lbs

Seated Cable Rows
1 warm-up set of 20 reps @ 20 lbs
5 X 8 reps @ 60 lbs/70 lbs/80 lbs/80 lbs/80 lbs

Stairmill for 50 minutes  

Oki doki, time to catch up on the rest of last seasons True Blood.
If you haven’t watched this show, GET ON IT! BEST SHOW ON TV!
It’s HBO, so you can just imagine what it’s like – blood, gore, sex, drugs, violence, language, nudity, amazingness!
The first season starts off kind of slow – but all intense shows usually start of slow, and then BOOM-POWWWWWW it gets nuuuuuuutssssss!

This picture sums up its amazingness!


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