i got something to say

What is UP with yoga instructors these days?!

I go to yoga to escape the world, silence my mind, breathe, and get a good stretch. I most definitely do not go to socialize with strangers, and listen to nonsense lectures. I really am not a fan of the whole “say hello to the person beside you” thing, and the whole “gather around” thing – why do I have to move from my mat and gather around in a circle??? Are we in elementary school again? I just don’t get it. And then once we all gather around and invade each others personal space, we have to listen to a lecture on “be yourself” or “don’t judge” or “love yourself” or I have to listen to some bizarre pseudo-spiritual spiel. GAH! Just stop it! We are here to do yoga! Let’s do yoga and not waste 15 minutes of valuable vinyasas!
This is my practice, let’s not get too comfortable now…

I guess you can call me a yoga snob.

I find myself boycotting instructors left right and centre. I can only really enjoy two or three instructors – everyone else just doesn’t do it for me. They’re either too much or not enough.
In my humble opinion, finding the right instructor is so key to having a good yoga practice.
…as psuedo-spiritual as this may sound… I feel like your energy needs to be compatible with your instructors.
And as corny as this may sound…I strongly believe in energy fields – we all have one, and sometimes, someone else’s energy just seems to like your energy, and that is why you feel happy around them, or they can lift your spirits by doing virtually nothing.

Any way, on a lighter (and tastier) note, I discovered the most AMAZING greek yogurt ever made!
It is slightly higher in calories, with 190 calories per 3/4 cup, out of which 26 grams are carbs and 17 grams are protein. The reason it is higher in calories is because it is COCONUT FLAVOURED!

can you tell how excited I am?!

Holy great balls of fire this sh*t is DA BOMB! It tastes like dessert, and it tastes so darn TROPICAL! Toss in some pineapple and you might as well be sitting on Kaanapali Beach with mojito in the other hand. Epic win!


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