H 2 the O

Why is it so hard to drink more water?! It is such an effort – going to the cupboard. getting a glass. filling it with water. moving it to your mouth. drinking. gulping. It is almost as annoying at brushing teeth before bed, or going to the bank to deposit money.

I gotta say, last year I was a living-walking drainage system….hmm…not a good analogy…but you get it. I drank sooo much damn water – I had to refill my water bottle at least 5 or 6 times a day. I now refill my bottle once, mayyyyybeeee twice a day. I don’t know what happened – I just fell off the wagon with water drinking.

Any way, water is honestly the most vital substance for us humans. I mean, we are basically water containers – our body weight is 40-75% H2O…woah! WOAH! Is that not shocking to you??? It is everything in and surrounding our cells, and it is 90% of our blood.
And 70% of planet earth is water.
Honestly, water is the most fascinating thing in the world – it is so mystical. It has no flavour, it hydrates us, removes toxins from our body, maintains body temperature, transports nutrients, lubricates joints and cushions organs, helps digest food, metabolizes fat, and I don’t know if you have ever noticed how it gets all bubbly and foamy when boating, AND you can see your reflection in it! I love water. It’s the coolest sh*t in the world! Along with clouds and trees (duh).


SO, like I was saying, water makes up 90% of blood, and blood’s main jobs is to transport stuff around the body – so we need water in our blood, or else it will get all thick and goopy, and won’t be able to be pumped out of the heart properly, which will eventually cause problems like heart disease, blood clotting, hypertension, and high cholesterol – YIKES! no good.

I am sooooo thirsty right now btw, but I am waaay too lazy to get up and get myself a glass of water – that is the height of my laziness. It is no secret…I woke up at 3:30pm today. Not joking. And not proud either.  BUT at least my thirst inspired me to post about water.


Oh, and you know that if you are dehydrated then you can actually gain weight. Basically, when you don’t have enough water in your blood, a higher amount of glucose remains in the blood before reaching the liver; then, the glucose, instead of being used for energy is stored away as fat because the liver is bombarded with more glucose than it can use for energy. Make sense? ishhh…

Also, the liver’s job is to metabolize triglycerides (stored fat) into usable energy, and the kidney’s job is to get rid of toxins, waste products, and salts from the blood – but if you aren’t drinking enough water, and your body is dehydrated, then the kidneys are obviously not going to work optimally, and the liver is going to have to take charge and get rid of the toxins for the kidneys. By doing this, the liver has to put its job – metabolizing fat – on the side, and that my friend, is how fat is stored! So drink water, so you can decrease that waistline, and live a strong, healthy life.

And now I will get myself a glass of water.

Oh, and also, if you don’t drink enough water then more toxins are stored in the body – particularly in fat cells. So if you have been feeling kind of sluggish or just blah lately, then perhaps it is due to lack of water in your system, and a build up of toxins in your cells.

ANDDD another super duper awesome thing about water, is that it makes you feel full and prevents overeating or unnecessary eating. The latter is my nemesis – I will eat when I am not hungry, but too often my body think it is hungry, but really it is just thirsty.

Okay, now time for that water.

❤ bye

p.s sorry for the lack of pictures. I hate blogs without photographs. But for some reason I have become very shy…



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