dj play that MUSIC LOUDER!

Todays workout was quick and simple. I intended to do 40 minutes on the treadmill but it cut me off at 30 and gave me 5 minutes cool down, which I suppose worked out well since the gym was closing pretty soon. I am TOTALLY one of those people who stay RIIIIIIGGGHTTT till the last minute, and then run out yelling SORRY SORRY SORRY, as if I am sooo not the type to do something like that.

Okay, so I ran 4.7K; however, I can’t tell you my speed because that was TOTALLY dependant on the music I was listening to. It took me 35 minutes which included a 3 minute warm up and a 5 minute cool down.

You know, I used to be a MUSIC GURU! I would spend hours and hours searching for music and downloading copious amounts of beats. I had this obsession with collection music (a trait I adopted from Papa), and then I guess I learned the hard way, and accumulated COPIOUS amounts of viruses. So now I don’t download music EVER and I am usually broke so I don’t buy music either. So what does that leave me with? No music. Ever. I have all my old music which I listen to and THANK GOD FOR PODCASTS! Oh, and now that I have the glorious iPhone, I have satellite radio all the time 😀 whoop whoop go iPhone!

Anyway, so the only time I ever listen to music when working out, is when I am doing cardio (and that too I have been doing a lot of “book cardio,” which is all reading and no listening). I don’t usually don’t listen when I am lifting because I like to listen to my breath. However, lately I have been breaking out of that habit because I haven’t been lifting heavy bodybuilding like I used to. Once I reach my “leaning out” goal, I will hit the weights heavy so I can just GET SHREDDED. ARRRRRRR! hehe so lady-like eh 😉 and yes getting shredded IS LADY-LIKE! Ladies have muscles to yah know! Same quads, same delts, same pecs that a dude has.

I had forgotten how motivational music can be. Every time the song started building up and the beat dropped, I found myself SPRINTING, but not only was I sprinting, but I had this MASSIVE SMILE on my face.

Here’s what the playlist looked like:

Click here to convert the YouTube videos to mp3s. Better than downloading in my opinion!

Hope you these songs get you pumped up, like they got me PUMPED UP! I clearly like vocal house music, but my playlists don’t only consist of electro music. I workout to all sorts of music.
My iPod has gone through so many evolutions; at one point I torrented the entire discography of Putomayo…you know those world music CDs that Starbucks sells, or other random stores?! Well, I would work out to Brazilian beats, Celtic rhythms, and Latin dance music…hmm…I miss that collection of music…I’ll have to search for it, probably one some hard drive…somewhere…

Okay, so other than having a totally awesome run today, I discovered a TOTALLY AWESOME CAFE near BC Place. It’s called Something Healthy: Wholesome Meals & Juice Bar. BOOM! what-a-name! I think I am going there for lunch tomorrow.
I went for a smoothie instead of a meal; I needed something to sustain me through my workout but not sit in my stomach for hours – something fast digesting.
I had a hard time deciding on what smoothie to get, so I told the lady to surprise me. Obviously she gave me the most delicious smoothie which was OBVIOUSLY the one highest in calories – Nutty Choc Monkey. Can you guess what was in that? Peanut Butter, Cocoa, Banana, Skim Milk, Whey Protein! Yum-myyy!

I mean really speaking, every smoothie bar has a choco-nutty-monkey smoothie, and they generally all taste the same. And by “the same,” I mean DARN GOOD!
The thing that really intrigued me, was their “Burwiches” – the slogan says “As tasty as a burger. As healthy as a sandwich.” It’s made with either sprouted flax bread or whole wheat bread. They also have whole wheat pizzas and quesadillas! but guess what the BEST part of it all is?! ALL THE CALORIES WERE STATED! Sooo New York! hehe

So, moral of the story? Update your iPod to increase your fitness motivation! Andddddd I give FIVE STARS to Something Healthy for being AWESOME!


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